Supporting Local Clean Water Efforts

Supporting Local Clean Water Efforts

Supporting Local Clean
Water Efforts

Ever-changing legislation around water quality makes the job of providing safer water for communities even more complex. Municipalities must contend with aging infrastructure while remaining responsive and adaptable to new rules and regulations.

PUR Community is a resource for local clean water efforts. We provide pitcher and faucet filtration products as a short-term solution for communities tackling long-term change.

Selling Brand
Among Certified
Lead Filters*

Certified for Lead

More Sustainable and
Cost-Effective Than
Bottled Water

Filters Reduce More
Contaminants Than
Any Other Brand*

A Safer Water Solution For New Legislation

PUR Pitchers and Faucet Filtration Systems that treat water at the tap are affordable, easy to install, and certified by independent third parties to reduce contaminants, including lead. For over 30 years, PUR has been the trusted staple in people's homes for safer water.

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Mike Mitchell

Director of Advanced Technology, Home and Health Care

We are constantly looking to forecast the biggest risks to the public health and we try to make products to address those risks.

Our Approach


Every community is unique with specific issues. We work with you and your partners to ensure our solutions are compliant to current legislation and fit your local needs.


PUR Pitchers and Faucet Filters undergo rigorous testing both internally and by independent third parties. We have WQA certification and meet NSF's stringent standards.


Dedicated inventory and a robust distribution network mean we can support quick, short-term, and large-scale requests. This flexibility and scale make us the best partner for your needs.


Communication about water filtration needs to be easy to follow and simple to understand. Our cache of education materials follows those rules to help build trust and confidence among your residents.

Our Technology

Superior Filtration

PUR filters are certified to reduce lead, and PUR is the number one selling brand among certified lead filters for both pitchers and faucet mounts. Our Pitchers are also certified to reduce up to 3x more contaminants than the leading pitcher.

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Our Experience

As of today, PUR has distributed over a half a million water filtration systems and replacement filters to communities in the US and Canada.

Our team has on-the-ground experience in supporting local clean water efforts of every type. From high visibility, large-scale programs like those executed in Flint, Michigan, to providing pitchers for every resident in a small community. This experience has reinforced our commitment to providing communities with safe water solutions and helped us evolve our own offerings to provide solutions that fit a municipality's specific issue.

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*Based on Nielsen sales data for the 52 weeks ending 4/25/20

*As of 5/20/20. NSF comparsion valid for faucet mount and pour-through filters.