Municipal Challenges

Changing legislation around water quality makes the job of providing cleaner water for communities even more complex. Municipalities have to be responsive and adaptable to new government guidelines and meet the mandates imposed by federal and state regulations. On top of that, they have to contend with structural obstacles like existing lead service lines that can potentially contaminate water before it reaches a home's faucet.

Structural Obstacles

Municipalities have to contend with an aging water infrastructure with high repair costs that prevent them from being fixed quickly to meet evolving regulatory standards.

Government Guidelines

Federal and state regulations coming into effect also impose new mandates on municipalities. The Lead and Copper provisions introduced in 2019 look to introduce more stringent guidelines on identifying, monitoring, and replacing lead service lines. It also mandates that pitchers and filters are provided within 24 hours post replacement. Point of Use Filtration, like PUR Pitchers and Faucet Filtration Systems, has been highlighted as an important part of a comprehensive mitigation plan.

How We Can Help

At PUR, we stay abreast of national and state legislation to provide filtration products that meet the changing needs and requirements of your community.
Our Pitchers and Faucet Filtration Systems are certified by independent third parties to reduce chemical and physical contaminants and are easy to install at home, something that residents will appreciate.
We are also well aware of the challenges in communicating the importance of filtration, and have developed a cache of education materials that are easy to follow, simple to understand, and helpful in building trust and confidence among residents.