Who We Are

For over 30 years, PUR has been a staple in people’s homes. Our Pitchers and Faucet Chemical and Physical Filtration Systems have provided people with an affordable, trustworthy, and easy to install option that improves the taste and safety of life’s most precious resource.

There’s a reason PUR has been the number one selling brand among certified lead filters.* Our products are certified to reduce chemical and physical contaminants, and are frequently retested to meet the stringent standards of independent third parties like NSF and WQA.

Our team is committed to continued innovation and rigorous testing to provide safer water solutions for communities. We are made up of chemical and mechanical engineers with over 40 years of combined experience and expertise in advanced chemical and physical filtration technologies, water quality testing, and manufacturing best practices. We are also consistently engaged with larger water community through organizational relationships with the WQA, AWWA, NSF, and EPA.

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Point Of Use Filtration

There is no simple fix for water infrastructure. But until structural change can be implemented, communities need a more immediate solution. Point of use filtration is a powerful, affordable, easy to install solution, and PUR Pitchers and Faucet Chemical and Physical Filtration Systems are best in class products to serve resident communities.
People care about the safety of their water, and as an industry leader in the water filtration market, we've developed communication strategies that address their concerns and make a case for point of use filtration that they can easily incorporate into their daily lives.

Working With Municipalities

PUR Community is a partnership that combines PUR's industry leading technology and expertise with the municipality's unique insights, gained from serving their communities every day, to create a customized program.
Municipalities need a turnkey program that has been proven to work. Residents need a solution that is simple to install and use in their daily lives, and PUR Pitchers and Faucet Chemical and Physical Filtration Systems are tangible fixtures at the tap that communities can place their trust in.

*Based on Nielsen sales data for the 52 weeks ending 5/29/21